Everything you to know about Alkhder Travels 

Alkhder Travels is an agency that provides assistance for accommodation, flights and travel guide assistance. Our main goal in Alkhder is to provide a seamless travel experience for our customers who want to see the world. 

We know how complicated things are when it comes to travelling to a new country, especially for first-timers. To make things easier for globetrotters, we have offered various assistance and discounts that can make travelling to other countries more fun and memorable. 

Alkhder Travels began providing service in 2012, when travelling became popular and in demand. In our early beginnings, we only offered main services such as arranging flight tickets and hotels. Eventually, the service became recognised and we soon became partners with more than 10 airlines and hundreds of accommodation providers across Asia. 

After a few years of steady growth in business, we have expanded our services to what is today. Moreover, we have established several branches in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and Cambodia to make our services more accessible to people. 

Here are some of the positive feedback we received from our clients: 

I was travelling to Indonesia for the first time in 2015. I’ve inquired with a lot of travel agencies about the assistance I can receive, but none of them offered the things I was looking for. 

Eventually, I found Alkhder Travels online and even if I was in the United States, the transaction was seamless and their staff was very responsive to my requests. I was able to arrange all of my affairs in less than two weeks. 

After a few days, I was surfing in the Gili Islands. Additionally, Alkhder also offered me exciting perks, which made my trip more exciting. 

-Kyla Peters, United States

In 2015, I decided to travel to Malaysia with some of my friends. The first travel agency we went to ripped us off without even processing the necessary paperwork we need. When we found Alkhder, they immediately responded to our requests and gave us a list of the things we will need. 

After a week or so, they arranged our tickets and itinerary and gave us a discount that we were able to use during the tour! Five stars for their amazing service!

-Nikhil Sharma, Bangalore

Travelling in Asia is hard, especially if you’re not used to travelling on your own. Because I’m from the United Kingdom, navigating countries was especially difficult and challenging. 

However, when I asked for assistance from Alkhder, they suggested that I get a travel guide and connected me to a tour guide from their branch in Indonesia. It was helpful because the guide they gave me was local and knew every nook and cranny of Bali. Moreover, I received a generous discount for my accommodation!

-Mason Harper, United Kingdom